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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Mussels in Brussels

(Sorry, I had to say it!)

I went to Brussels last weekend for a few nights with one of my best friends, Sam. It was for her hen do (though she was after more of a chilled break away rather than a raucous one). So much of the weekend was lazing around exploring the sights, and of course, looking for food.

On the Sunday, we went to visit Bruge. Because of a problem at the hotel that morning (don't ask!), we didn't actually get to Bruge until late afternoon, which meant we kinda skipped getting a proper lunch.

Psst, fear not, for we did stop for waffles to keep us going in the meantime...

After going on a canal boat tour, we decided to find somewhere to eat dinner in the main square (T'Zand) before heading back to Brussels. We ended up in a place called 'La Source' - simply because there were mussels on the menu and offered free wi-fi.

The wi-fi wasn't working properly unfortunately, but what cheered us up was that the mussels were available! Hurrah!

Sam and I both went for mussels a la marinere...
It's a good thing we were hungry because the portions were HUGE. When the pot you're given is large and the mussels are overflowing from it, you know you're faced with a challenge!

As we got stuck in, we found ourselves caught up in a game of Jenga, stacking up the empty shells in the lids. Juvenile I know, and probably a bit dangerous, given that it was distracting us from how full we were getting.

But look, we did it, ha!
(This is just my lid by the way!)

Of course, we then proceeded to transfer half the shells back into the pots, otherwise the poor waiter probably would have ended up dropping them all onto the floor when clearing our dishes. See, we're responsible adults really...

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