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Saturday, 4 May 2013

Hungry Jenny Faux Pas: Chocolate Flat-Loaf

Baking is not like learning how to ride a bike, it seems.

This, my friends, is what happens when I attempt to bake after a period of absence...

Not too bad-looking, right? But erm...this was meant to be a Chocolate Loaf.

I seem to be blogging less and less these days. Partly because I honestly just haven't been feeling to experiment in the kitchen as much as I used to, but also partly because I feel so brain-fried from work these days, that the thought of going back onto my laptop in the evenings just makes my eyes scream.

This aint the end of Hungry Jenny yet though by any means. Today's been the first time in ages that I felt like writing, so thought I'd run with it and see what happened. Whoever still reads my edited ramble, I hope you still find some joy in it.

(I was rather hoping though that it wouldn't be about something that had gone wrong!)

It's been so long since I've baked properly that I cannot even begin to work out what happened with this loaf. The batter certainly seemed alright - it filled up the loaf tin in a decent manner and seemed a bakeable consistency too.

Having said that though, there have been times where the cake batter has gone into the oven in an indecent manner, but then come out very nicely baked indeed. So I tend not to judge a cake by its batter.

Ironically, the taste of the cake itself was really quite nice - still moist, sponge-like, and laced with chocolate. Just a third of the height it was meant to be.

So of course, I just cut it up into bars and pretended it was meant to be like that when I shared it out. Only you guys know the truth ;-)

Fancy a laugh at my other Hungry-Jenny-Faux-Pas?


Yum Yucky said...

Welp, it looks perfect to me. You could've done some fancy commentary on how the whole baking experience was flawless. I wouldn't have known any different. ha!

Hungry Jenny said...

Thanks, haha, yes..maybe! Fooled the ones I served this out too at least :-)

Hungry Jenny x

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