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Saturday, 2 November 2013

The Lost Appetite of Hungry Jenny


Are you getting this?

Oh, my sweet Hungry cakes, I don't know what's happened.

Look, I don't have alot of time, so listen up ok...

So it's been 6 months now since my last post. In the blogging world, that's like a century, right? You've probably moved onto other things. Don't worry, I understand.

But - I seem to have lost my appetite. No, not literally, I'm still Hungry, now don't you worry about that. But this past year, I just haven't been...feeling it. It's not you, it's me.

I still bake, but usually now just stuff I've already posted before, or, shock horror, from other recipe books. I can't seem to find the energy or headspace to come up with new stuff these days.

A major factor of this actually is work - as much as I love it, demands are getting bigger and I'm pretty much brain-fried by the time I get home. And the last thing I want to do when I get in, I'm sad to say, is switch back on my laptop. Not just for blogging, for anything. I barely even go on Twitter anymore.

It used to be a therapeutic thing. Both the creative side of baking/cooking and the writing. Actually, I lie. It still is a therapeutic thing. Even as I write now, I'm feeling such a nice sense of calm and I wonder why I don't still do this more regularly.

But using my laptop is a faff - this is the first time I've been able to use it within the last couple of months. It's old and tempermental. Sometimes it decides to work, sometimes it doesn't.

I'm sat here right now with the laptop plugged into my TV because the screen doesn't work. If I take the laptop mains out, it will all go. And sometimes my wireless connection doesn't work, and my internet cable thing isn't long enough to reach. Hence why I don't have alot of time.

I couldn't leave you folks without a little recipe to end the post on though. It was originally meant to be kind of like rocky road - but I'm not a fan of marshmallows or raisins in chocolate. So they're just Glorified Chocolate Digestives really!

Glorified Chocolate Digestives
Makes 12

150g digestive biscuits
200g dark chocolate, broken into chunks
100g unsalted butter
2 tbsp golden syrup

1. Put the digestive biscuits into a large plastic bowl (or a bag) and use the end of a rolling pin to bash them into crumbs.
2. Put a pan on a low heat, and melt the chocolate, butter and syrup. Turn off the heat.
3. Gently mix in the biscuit crumbs.
4. Spoon the mixture into a 12-hole cupcake tray and allow to cool for half an hour, before then sticking in the fridge for at least 4 hours to set.

Hope to see you guys again soon..!

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Lauren@Coffeemuffins said...

Wow I love the recipe! What could go wrong with broken up digestives and chocolate :)

Don't worry about not blogging for a while - I know I have gone through it many times. Usually, like you when work gets too busy, however after a while 6, 8 months longer I usually find a recipe I want to take the time to write up. Then I get back into the swing of it again.

Hope you start blogging more often - I always enjoy reading your posts!

Lauren x

Hungry Jenny said...

Ah, thanks Lauren, it's good to know it's not just me! I know that I'll get back into it properly one day eventually. I still enjoy reading your posts too :-)

Hungry Jenny x

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