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Saturday, 1 February 2014

Hungry-Jenny-Faux-Pas: Attack of the Almond Cookie Ghosts

I certainly didn't want my first post of 2014 to be a Hungry-Jenny-Faux-Pas. But this was something I just couldn't keep from you.

What with it being Chinese New Year yesterday, I had this grand notion that I'd get myself back in the blogging game and kick off the year by sharing with you some Chinese New Year almond cookies.

What I didn't anticipate however was that they would morph into these creepy-looking Almond Cookie Ghosts in the oven…


The funny thing is, I made a batch of almond cookies just before Christmas, as a present for my brother-in-law which he seemed to enjoy. I mean, they did threaten to bubble dangerously out of control when I baked them, but somehow restrained themselves. They at least came out the oven as individual cookies.

I wanted to work on the texture and sweetness of the cookies though, and so decided to play around with the recipe a bit. I should really have known that something wasn't quite right when I ended up with a slightly stickier dough than expected.

Ah well, I thought, I'll leave it to chill in the fridge and it'll sort itself out. And of course, it didn't. As I rolled out the individual cookies, they still felt suspiciously sticky.

But no matter, I thought to myself again, I'll just bake them anyway. I mean, how bad could they be?

Ten minutes later, this happened...
Nooooo…! I probably shouldn't have left them unattended. But from the living room, they smelt so good, I figured they were doing ok...

After a period of chuckling to myself, followed by a short period of despair, I decided to taste it. And here's the surprise - they actually tasted really good! Nicely sweet, with a kind of fairy cake type texture.

So with that, I confronted the ghosts and sliced 'em up to take them into work. And they went down a treat!

Ha, take that, you silly Almond Cookie Ghost!

Fancy a laugh at my other Hungry-Jenny-Faux-Pas?


Yum Yucky said...

It's an almond cookie pancake! I'll take it.

Hungry Jenny said...

Haha, I wouldn't try flipping these bad boys in a pan, it might anger them!

Hungry Jenny x

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