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Monday, 14 April 2014

Hungry-Jenny-Faux-Pas: How McDonalds Took My Dignity

It all started when my good friend Samji text me this photo:

Instantly, I turned into an excited young teenager:

"OMG! Lol. Maccy Ds? G2G get 1! BRB."

And so I did, quite literally, the next day - venture into McDonalds and order a Big Mac meal, with a side of two Happy Meal toys:
No shame was felt as I gleefully took the photo and Whatspped it over to Samji:

"Snap! Haha."
"Cool. U collecting them all as well?"
"Yeh! I've GOT to!"

And that's where it started to go downhill.

I don't even like McDonalds but suddenly I felt compelled to collect ALL the toys.

It's the Super Mario thing - whenever I see something Super Mario related, I get ridiculously excited. (I don't have Super Mario bed sheets or live in a big mushroom house or anything like that though, I'm not completely obsessed.)

In this case though, since I had been exposed to this in its first week, I thought I might as well just get the remaining 6 toys as well…

(Ok, the mushroom above makes a really cool 'Power Up' noise and I wanted to see if the other toys made Super Mario noises too*).

Samji got me up to speed on how to go about collecting the toys in a dignified manner:

1. You don't have to buy a Happy Meal to get the toy, you can just purchase it separately.
2. There's usually a choice of 2 toys to choose from each week, so you can get 2 in one go if you want.
3. Just buy a drink if you don't want to fill yourself with the grease of McDonalds.

Ok, ok, I thought. So actually, I only need to go into McDonalds 3 more times to get the next 6 toys.

That's not so bad. I'll just go in and grab a cup of tea and 2 toys to go. No need to consume any of that crap, and aside from the slight embarrassment of asking for a Happy Meal toy with no child by your side, you can leave the establishment with your dignity intact.


I ended up going in 5 times and buying a fat loada food each time (I didn't take photos of all the food I ate cos I forgot - um, not cos I was slightly ashamed also).
In part of my (very weak) defence, there were a couple of instances where I was only able to buy one toy rather than two (so had no choice but to go in again, right?).

I'm now the (proud?) owner of these 8 cool toys, but at what cost? About £25 worth of foodal crap bought and what worked out as around 4,000 calories later? Ouch.

The silly thing is that I did keep thinking, hey, if you really wanted a collection of Super Mario figurines, you could just find a set online which is probably cheaper and without putting a load of crap in your body too. But I was too far gone. I wanted these Happy Meal ones. I had to get them. And I secretly indulged in the fatty goodness.

Damn you McDonalds.

*FYI No, the other toys don't make sounds.

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Yum Yucky said...

Oooo. I want those toys! I wonder if it's the same Mario thing going on over here. Last time in McDonald's we ate pancakes of pure nastiness -- never again. Ever. Now it's just the toys we buy, but it's been a while.

Hungry Jenny said...

yeh it must be the same ones. I totally intended to just buy the toys but just couldn't help buying the food too :-/ will be steering clear for a very long time now!

Hungry Jenny x

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